Saturday, August 4, 2018

How to remove exclamation mark from photos on iPhone [Guide]

Did you ever see an exclamation mark on the bottom right corner of your photos on iPhone ? You'll probably notice that your photos/videos are kind blurred preventing you to send or share the photos with your friends. In this post we're going to tell you how to remove the exclamation mark from photos on your iPhone..

What does exclamation mark from photos means ?

This little exclamation mark that you can see in the above picture means that your photos are in a compressed version of the original version. This is something Apple made to save the storage when it is running out. 

Don't panic, for every problem there is a solution..

Here in this post we've got some solutions that you may try them if one didn't work with you try the another.

1st Solution: iCloud Syncing

  1. Go to “Settings” -> tap “iCloud” -> tap “Photos”.
  2. After the clicking, there are two options will be displayed. One is “Optimize iPhone Storage” another one is “Download and Keep originals”.
  3. You will click “Download and Keep originals”.
  4. Now you can take photos. It will good and not blurry.

2nd Solution: Download the pictures from iCloud 

  1. The Exclamation mark indicates the original file wants to download from iCloud.
  2. So, download the Photos from iCloud. Then your photo’s exclamation mark and blurry will be removed automatically.

3rd Solution: Turn iCloud Photo Library on

  1. Turn on your iCloud Photo Library and turn off the Mobile Data.
  2. Then back turn on the Mobile Data. An exclamation mark will be removed.

Bonus Solution

An iFixit forum user @Cristiana Diane said in order to fix this issue all you have to do is watch one of your videos and it will force everything to load. After you watch a video, check your pictures and see the result.

These solutions should probably fix your issue, if it still going on please let us know in our comment section below and we will try to solve it for you..


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