Friday, September 28, 2018

Aressts made in $1 Million Apple Store Theft Ring in California

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has announced on Thursday that law enforcement has arrested 17 people in connection to the theft ring. According to the announcement, the thieves stole from physical retail stores in 19 different counties. The network of thieves apparently grabbed upwards of $1 million worth of goods from those retail stores.

On Sept. 25, seven individuals were arrested and booked in the Alameda County Jail. Another individual is in custody in Sonoma County, while arrest warrants have been issued for nine additional suspects.

According to Becerra:
Organized retail thefts cost California business owners millions and expose them to copycat criminals. Ultimately, consumers pay the cost of this merchandise hijacking.

We will continue our work with local law enforcement authorities to extinguish this mob mentality and prosecute these criminals to hold them accountable.
Arrest warrants have been issued for nine other individuals in connection with the network.



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