Wednesday, September 26, 2018

iPhone XS Max manufacturing costed Apple $443

As most of you know Apple's iPhone Xs price starts at $999 - Xs Max at $1,099 with different storage capacity. Now according to a new report from TechInsights, Apple's iPhone XS estimated to cost Apple $443.

The site highlights several exciting new features of the iPhone XS including the TSMC 7 nm FinFET fabbed Apple A12 Bionic chip with its new 8-core Neural Engine, a second generation Apple-designed GPU, an Intel CDMA-supported baseband processor, new CMOS Image Sensors, and new Face ID components.

From the report:
Some of the increases in cost from the iPhone Xs to the iPhone Xs Max are in the areas of baseband, larger OLED display, larger battery, more non-volatile memory, and a significant increase in the cost of non-electronic components. The iPhone Xs Max has larger, heavier housings than the iPhone X, and the internal frame carries more process costs around spot welds, inserts, etc.
Interestingly, TechInsights says the higher cost of the larger display is tempered by the removal of some 3D touch components previously found in the iPhone X. It's unclear what those parts are.

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