Wednesday, September 12, 2018

iPhone Xs to come in 512GB storage capacity

So after knowing the official names of 2018 iPhones that Apple will unveil after few hours right now we've got a new information saying that Apple's iPhone Xs will come in a brand new 512GB storage option which would be a perfect size for the people who need as much onboard storage as possible to store 4K-videos, HD photos,etc...

iPhone Xs to come in 512GB storage capacity

With the leaked sitemap that Apple accidentally uploaded it, we were able to know a new 512-gigabyte storage option for the iPhone Xs family. iPhones currently top out at 256GB so the new tier would give storage-hungry users twice the room on the device for their apps and content.

It’s unclear whether the new 512-gigabyte storage option would be limited to the flagship 6.5-inch iPhone Xs Max device or available across the whole iPhone Xs lineup, but this would mark the first time iPhones have offered half a terabyte storage—that much is certain.

So here we are waiting to see everything as soon as possible..

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