Thursday, September 13, 2018

Top 10 iPhone XR features

iPhone Xr was released yesterday alongside with the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs MaX. Starting from $999 we are going to talk about the top iPhone XR features that will blow up your mind as it is considered the most interesting smartphone at the meantime.

Top 10 iPhone XR features

Best iPhone XR features

iPhone XR that Apple introduced yesterday has too many cool features and they are as the following:

1. iPhone X Design
2. New Liquid Retina LCD Display
3. 6 New Colors
4. A12 Bionic Chip
5. Face ID and TrueDepth Camera System
6. Haptic Touch
7. Smart HDR
8. Portrait Mode on Single Camera
9. Dual SIM
10. Longer Battery Life

We'll talk about each feature separately...

1- iPhone XR has the X Design

Believe it or not but the $749 iPhone XR is so identical to the iPhone X Design. The iPhone XR is slightly bigger than iPhone XS, with a 6.1-inch screen. It has a 7000 series aluminum casing (instead of stainless steel). The back is still made of glass so you do get wireless charging support.

If you looked at the above picture you will notice that the bezels on the iPhone XR are slightly bigger than iPhone XS.  They don’t look as bad as some of the Android phones with the huge chins.

2- Liquid Retina LCD Display

The new screen in the iPhone XR is one of the reasons why Apple hit its price so high to start from $749 because this display screen is a LED screen on OLED display screen. According to Apple, this is the most advanced LED screen in any smartphone.

It might not blow you away when it comes to specs but usability wise, it will be just fine. The screen resolution is 1792 x 828 pixels, which comes down to 326 ppi. This qualified for the Retina screen quality but it’s nowhere near the insane 458 ppi boasted by the iPhone XS.

The display does support True Tone, tap to wake, and wide color. Apple says you’ll get the same smooth touchscreen experience from the iPhone XS. Using gestures should be just as joyful because Apple has implemented a 120Hz touch-sensing technology on the new LCD panel. This means Apple can recognize your finger touch and react to it at 120Hz (twice the normal rate). There is a bit of confusion around this. This is not the 120hz screen refresh rate we’ve seen in iPad Pro’s Pro Motion display. This is just when it comes to touch sensing.

3- 6 New Colors

When it comes to buying a new Apple device, one of the most things a user keep in his mind (probably for me) is the color as it plays a very important role in the buying process and that's why maybe many users will tend to buy the iPhone XR instead of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. 

Coming in six different cool colors: White, Black, Blue, Coral, Yellow, and a special Product Red edition. The Product Red iPhone XR might be the best looking iPhone ever made. The downside? No Gold or Rose Gold option.

4- A12 Bionic Chip

iPhone XR is considered the first smartphone to use the A12 Bionic chip with 7nm architecture feature. The system of chip houses three things: The CPU, GPU, and an Apple-designed Neural Engine. The 6-core CPU is much faster and Apple can now use all 6 cores (2 high-performance and 4 high-efficiency) at the same time. The high-performance cores are up to 15% faster than A11 and the power efficiency cores are up to 50% more power efficient.

The GPU is also 50% faster compared to the A11 Bionic chip. In the real world, this means that the 2018 iPhone XR can launch apps 30% faster than the 2017 iPhone X, which cost $999 when it was launched. That’s a significant performance increase!

5- Haptic Touch

The one thing that iPhone XR doesn’t have is 3D Touch. It was first introduced in iPhone 6s. You’d press deeper on the screen to get additional functionality. iPhone XR has something similar, but not the same.

iPhone XR has a feature called Haptic Touch that mimics 3D Touch functionality. You long press on certain buttons to get functionality like 3D Touch. You’ll get haptic feedback when the action happens. Apple says this is similar to the technology they have used in the latest MacBook trackpads.

6-Smart HDR

iPhone XR comes with a 12MP f/1.8 single camera on the back with a sensor as twice as fast as the iPhone 8 and there is Optical Images Stabilization built-in which allows you to capture 4K videos up to 60fps.

Apple is using Computational Photography to deliver photos that are way better than what a 12MP mobile sensor can take.

Apple is using the processing power of the A12 Bionic chip, the built-in Neural Engine, and the Image Signal Processor to do some amazing things to the pictures. The ISP alone is capable of doing 1 trillion operations on every image you capture. The one thing that will set iPhone XR apart is the new Smart HDR feature.

7- Dual SIM

Apple is bringing Dual Sim support to the iPhone. But it’s not what you think. Apple is using the eSIM technology from iPad and Apple Watch to give you access to a second number without actually having to install a second SIM. The functionality will only be available in your country if a carrier supports it. Apple does have major carriers like Vodafone, T-Mobile, AirTel and Jio on board.

8- Longer Battery Life

One of the most important things that Apple users always suffered from is the battery. iPhone XR comes with a slighter battery larger than the iPhone XS and iPhone XS MAX.But it lasts for up to 1.5 hours longer than the iPhone 8 Plus in day-to-day usage. That’s internet usage for up to 15 hours, and video playback for 16 hours.

Are you going to buy the iPhone XR?

The iPhone XR starts at $749 for the 64GB model. The 128GB model will run you $799 while the $256GB model costs $899. As 64GB becomes increasingly small for all the awesome photos we take on our iPhones, the 128GB model is the most cost-effective option here.

If you are going to buy it let us why are you going and what is the best feature you like the most.


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