Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Apple apologizes over Apple ID hacks in China

Earlier today Apple issued an official apology to its customers in China (more than 1.33 billion) who became victims of the scams where nefarious users hacked into some Apple ID accounts that weren’t protected with Apple’s secure two-factor authentication system.

Phishing scams are specially designed emails that pretend to come from a legitimate sender in order to trick you into visiting a webpage designed with the sole purpose to steal your credentials by pretending to be the official Apple ID account website.

This is yet another case in a long string of examples that exemplify the importance of adding an additional layer of security to your Apple ID by enabling the Two-Factor Authentication feature. Once your Apple ID has been compromised, all your purchases, photos, messaging, any iTunes credits, your credit card on file—and then some more—are up for grabs.

Beware phishing scams

Therefore, keeping your Apple ID account as secure as humanly possible is of the utmost importance. speaking of which, I recommend against registering a mobile phone number for Two-Factor Authentication because pushing codes via SMS is insecure.


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