Monday, October 29, 2018

Check out iPhone XR Drop test [Durability Beast]

According to Apple, iPhone XR front screen shares the same screen front glass screen in the iPhone XS which it claims is the “most durable” smartphone glass ever. At the rear though, the iPhone XR uses the same glass as the iPhone X from last year. Plus, there’s the Series 7000 aluminum chassis which while durable is prone to bend and deform easily when dropped. So, how does the iPhone XR perform in a durability test?

Our friends EverythingApplePro shared a new video on their YouTube channel shows in his durability test, the iPhone XR is actually pretty darn durable. Its durability was compared to the iPhone 8 which also performed notably well in the tests surviving multiple drops from various heights.
The iPhone 8’s front panel ultimately broke when it was dropped from a 6ft+ height face down. However, the iPhone XR managed to survive even that test which is a testament to its impressive durability. What’s even more impressive is that the iPhone XR survived a 10ft drop to one of its edges with only a few scuffs and scratches.

The rear panel did ultimately shatter from a 10ft height drop but the front panel remarkably remained intact with so sign of damage. It was only when the device was dropped face down from a 10ft. drop that the front panel also cracked.

So from your point of view, who do you think survived ? Share your thoughts in our comment section below.


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