Sunday, November 18, 2018

Some iPad Pro owners experiencing bending issues

It looks like that Apple is finding itself again in some relatively warm water. Earlier today we shared a video with you that shows the new iPad Pro going through a torture session/stress test, showing just how durable the new –and very expensive– tablet is. Turns out not very, and, in the end, the device bent very, very easily.

Some iPad Pro owners experiencing bending issues

That wasn’t a great sign, and things aren’t getting better. As reported on Friday by MacRumors, based on reports sourced from the publication’s forums, it sounds like real world owners that aren’t putting their expensive tablet(s) through ridiculous stress tests are also finding out the devices are bending way too easily. Case in point, from a forums user by the name of “Bwrin1”, who shared a photo of their 12.9-inch iPad Pro sitting on a flat surface.

There are other stories of a similar nature in the forums as well, which one has to hope is a very, very small situation and doesn’t explode into something much larger as we’ve seen in the past. Of course, this takes us back to the iPhone 6 and the “bendgate” fiasco that came from that handset. Apple eventually fixed that problem in subsequent hardware releases (phones can still bend, but not as easily as that variant did), but seeing it pop up again for a device in 2018 is pretty rough.

It’s hard to ignore the fact that Apple’s focus on thinning its devices probably has something to do with this. The new iPad Pro, for instance, is only 5.9mm thin. That’s pretty crazy to look at, and it’s certainly impressive in its own right, but when that may result in a super expensive tablet like this bending, even after just a weekend of general use? One has to wonder if it’s worth it.

If you've purchased the new iPad Pro, did you find anything wrong with it?


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