Thursday, December 20, 2018

Apple: Slightly bent iPad Pro is normal, not a defect

A couple of days ago we reported to you that some iPad Pro owners experiencing bending issues ,but it looks like Apple is not seeing this as a defect as it says the slightly bent in iPad Pro devices is a "normal" thing.

The company tells The Verge that the bend is a side effect of the manufacturing process and shouldn't worsen over time or have a negative effect on the iPad's performance. Apparently, the bend results from a cooling process involving the metal and plastic components of the iPad Pro during manufacturing.

From report:
I can personally vouch for that: my 11-inch iPad Pro showed a bit of a curve after two weeks. Apple asked if I would send it their way so the engineering team could take a look. But the replacement 11-inch iPad Pro I received at Apple’s Downtown Brooklyn store exhibited a very slight bend in the aluminum as soon as I took off the wrapper. 
Apple says that concerns over the iPad Pro's structural rigidity are unfounded and it stands by its product. However, a bent iPad Pro (no matter how slight) does not line up with Apple's typical attention to detail and could potentially cause issues down the road (e.g. touch disease).

Does your new iPad Pro have a slight bend? Let us know if you think this is real problem in the comments!



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