Sunday, December 2, 2018

How to browse multiple sites at once on iPhone/iPad

Many people look for an easy way to browse many sites at once without the need to tap on each site to view it, like a split screen for their browsers in which they can scroll through multiple sites at once on iPhone or iPad. This is where Split Web Browser comes in to help.

How to browse multiple sites at once on iPhone/iPad

With Split Web Browser you will be able not to view multiple sites but three,four and more.  So, here’s how to browse multiple sites at once on your iPhone or iPad with Split Web Browser.

Download Split Web Browser

First make sure to download Split Web Browser from the iOS App Store. Once it is downloaded open it you will automatically find the app already split into two screens for you.  So, you can start browsing more than one site at a time right away. But, you can adjust the settings to browse three, four, and even more sites at once.
You can edit the app settings by going to Settings ---> Scroll down and tap on Split then tap on Rows and select from one, two, three. Then tap on Columns and select from one,two or three.

Other settings you can change include:
  • Siri & Search
  • Private Browsing
  • Search Engine
  • Show Loading Indicator
  • Full Screen Priority
  • Desktop Mode
Browsing features

The app works in both portrait and landscape views. Plus, for each website that’s split in the browser, you can:
  • Use a back button.
  • Bookmark that particular page.
  • Open one of the websites into full screen mode and then tap to go back to the split screen.
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