Sunday, March 17, 2019

How to auto update iOS on iPhone and iPad

Updating your iPhone or iPad to the latest iOS is a very useful thing, as Apple keep fixing bugs and improving battery performance within each update which gives your iOS device a better performance. You might want to consider automating the installation process of iOS software, instead of being asked every time and doing it manually.

How to auto update iOS on iPhone and iPad

So if you want to make any new iOS updates to automatic download on your iPhone or iPad, simply follow our guide, it is very simple and easy to follow:

How to enable automatic iOS update on iPhone and iPad

STEP 1: Go to Settings.

STEP 2: Go to General ---> Software Update, then tap on "Automatic Updates".

STEP 3: Toggle the Automatic Update ON if it is disabled.

Make sure to have an empty space on your iPhone so that iOS update can be auto-installed on your iPhone, because if no space found the software won't be able to download and installed.

We hope you can now do it by yourself. What do you think ? 


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