Sunday, April 21, 2019

BBM is shutting down in May

Well it looks like it is time to say goodbye to one of the oldest things most of us used which is BBM (BlackBerry Messenger). Since I was young I used to use BBM on my new BlackBerry phone and it was an amazing time. Right now the company has just announced that BBM will be killed in May. 

For a long time, the company had tried to revive BBM as a cross platform messaging service but was ultimately unsuccessful.

From the report:
Three years ago, we set out to reinvigorate BBM consumer service, one of the most loved instant messaging applications, as a cross-platform service where users can not only chat and share life experiences, but also consume content and use payment services.

We poured our hearts into making this a reality, and we are proud of what we have built to date. The technology industry however, is very fluid, and in spite of our substantial efforts, users have moved on to other platforms, while new users proved difficult to sign on.

Though we are sad to say goodbye, the time has come to sunset the BBM consumer service, and for us to move on. We are grateful for your support and wish to thank everyone, especially our users, partners, and employees, for being part of the BBM consumer service journey.

We hope you will cherish many fond memories of BBM consumer service that helped shape messenger platforms to become what they are today.
So what do you think guys ? Did you use BBM before ? 


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