Monday, May 13, 2019

WhatsApp will not work on iOS 7 after Feb 1, 2020

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging service which is owned by Facebook. A new report confirms that WhatsApp will not work anymore on iOS 7 which lack modern capabilities needed for its upcoming features.

These are the list of the devices you will not be able to use WhatsApp on it:
  • iPhone iOS 7 and older, after February 1, 2020
  • Nokia Symbian S60, after June 30, 2017
  • BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10, after December 31, 2017
  • Nokia S40, after December 31, 2018
  • All Windows Phone versions, after December 31, 2019
  • Android versions 2.3.7 and older, after February 1, 2020

Folks with older iPhones may be able to continue using the app after the cut-off date, but “some features may stop functioning at any time,” according to the updated support document. As a matter of fact, you can no longer create new accounts nor can you reverify existing accounts on iOS 7 and older and Android 2.37 and older. Furthermore, WhatsApp for all Windows Phone versions will stop working after December 31, 2019. 

The company is recommends using these devices:
  • iPhone running iOS 8+
  • Android running OS 4.0.3+
  • Windows Phone 8.1+
  • Select phones running KaiOS 2.5.1+, including JioPhone and JioPhone 2
Ever since it was acquired by Facebook in 2017 for $19 billion, a staggering amount for a messaging service that had 450 million monthly active users and 315 million daily active users at the time, WhatsApp has been picking up lots of new features.


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