Saturday, June 8, 2019

Top Jailbreak Tweaks Apple copied in iOS 13

Apple's new iOS 13 comes with handful features and updates that many people may thing it is totally new, but it isn't. A lot of features have been Sherlocked from existing jailbreak tweaks a long time ago before Apple unveil these features in its new iOS.

In this post we've gathered most of the notable jailbreak tweaks that Apple copied in iOS 13, shall we start ?

Dark Mode

Apple unveiled a new dark mode theme for all its software apps just like the one in macOS Mojave. If you've ever jailbroken your iOS device, you might have enjoyed the system wide dark mode a long time ago by using a jailbreak tweak called Eclipse.

Eclipse is a jailbreak tweak that not only themes Apple’s own apps, it also themes unsupported apps as well, making it actually better than Apple’s own implementation. With Eclipse, you can theme virtually every app just the way you want to, no matter if the App officially supports dark mode or not.

Dark mode in iOS 13 is not so open that you can change a lot of things as you wish unlike Eclipse it opens a lot of doors in front of you.

New Volume HUD

We all have seen the new volume HUD that Apple changed in iOS 13 so that it appears at the left side or at the top instead being centralized making it hard to see what is going behind that window.

Although the new volume HUD seems to be an original design by Apple, it’s worth noting that the jailbreak community has been improving upon iOS’ volume HUD interface for years, with some of the most popular releases being StatusHUD and Sonus12, among others.


Swiping over the keyboard to quickly type what you want, that's what QuickPath do in iOS 13. However, this isn’t the first time that iOS users get to enjoy swipe typing. This feature was first introduced on third-party Android keyboards and quickly became popular on iOS with Apple adding support for third-party keyboards. This means you don’t even need to be jailbroken to get this feature on your iPhone right now, with the likes of Gboard and SwiftKey all supporting it right from the App Store.

However, before third-party keyboards became a thing, jailbreaking had to step in and it did with SwipeSelection. There have been numerous different tweaks to introduce this feature to iPhones, but SwipeSelection seems to be the most popular one so we’ll stick with that.

Unlimited app downloading via cellular data

Finally, has Apple unlocked downloads over 200MB over mobile data in iOS 13. Ever since ancient times, back in iPhone OS 2 days, there have been numerous tweaks that have unlocked this stupid restriction Apple set on users. While it may have not been a big deal back in 2008 when Apps were mere megabytes to download, with the ever-increasing app sizes the 200MB limit really started to annoy people. A typical app in 2019 is around 150-300MB in size.

For iOS 12 and 11, there’s a tweak called “Appstore Unrestrict” that does exactly what Apple has done in iOS 13; disable the restrictions. The tweak is completely free and is available from iJulioverne’s legal & private repository.

Download Manager in Safari

in iOS 13 Apple now allows the ability to download files in Safari. For recent iOS versions, Safari Plus may be the best option as it supports iOS versions all the way back to iOS 8, however, you can download Safari Downloader if you’re on an older version.

Safari Plus is an all-in-one gigatweak for Safari, but among its features, there’s a download manager that acts very similarly to Apple’s own implementation. One could argue it’s even better as you can save files anywhere on the filesystem instead of just in the Files app like in iOS 13.

Safari Plus is available for free for iOS 8-12 from the BigBoss default repository.


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