Monday, June 3, 2019

WWDC 2019: What to Expect

We are just a few hours away from Apple's developers conference "WWDC 2019". There is a big chance that we will see iOS 13 for iOS devices and macOS 10.15 and other stuff. In this post we are going to talk about what we can expect (depending on the rumors) and the date of WWDC 2019.

iOS 13

Dark Mode

The most important thing will be unveiled is iOS 13. We've seen leaked new screenshots show dark mode in iOS 13 for iOS devices. It is expected that Apple will add dark mode with better enhancement and support for all apps. 

It is claimed that dark mode in iOS 13 will be like the one in macOS Mojave and the dark mode will be better in the iPhones with OLED screens as it gives better view and will help to make the battery lives longer and more importantly it is not hurting your eyes.

Split View

One of the things we could see today is split view feature where you will be able to run two apps at the same time instead of closing one and opening one. Split view is a long waiting feature that we hope to see today. Imaging watching video on YouTube and chatting in WhatsApp at the same time, cool right ? 

Sleep Mode

A new mode will be revealed called Sleep Mode it is very like Don't Disturb mode as with it enabled you can mute all notifications until you wake up, silent all calls,etc... We all love to sleep, right?

Revamped Reminders app

A new revamped Reminders app will be coming in iOS 13 for iPad where there will be a side-tab with today schedule and your meetings if you have.

Find My

A new app will be iOS 13 called Find My and it is the mixture of Find My iPhone and Find my Friends apps. Apple will put these two apps in new app called Find My where you will be able to see all your iOS devices connected with the Apple ID and your friends.


Apple looking forward to update the Mail app to be like Gmail where you can add your mails to categories like "Important, Trash, spam,etc...". 


Apple will add a new section called "Hearing section" where it will focus on your ears health as the app will detect if there is a noise around you and when hearing music if it hurts your ears or not at some point.

MacOS 10.15

The new version and probably the last for Mac systems, Apple's aim is to let developers design a single app that works with either a touchscreen or a mouse and trackpad, based on whether it's running on iOS or macOS. This universal app feature would likely significantly increase the number of apps available on Macs while also cutting down on developer workload to create cross-platform apps.

Other new features include support for using an iPad as an external display, window snapping, a Siri Shortcuts app, support for Screen Time and iMessage Effects, and a revamped Find My iPhone app.

Things we wish Apple change

full call screen

Don't you hate it when you are doing something important and you get a call and the call screen full appear with only reject or accept the call. This will distract you and you will not be able to focus and you can't do anything except accepting the call or waiting it till it finishes.

Why not Apple make it like a call window above without the need of the full window that appears.

Maybe take idea from CallBar jailbreak tweak.


Why the iPhone dock only allows to use 4 apps ? It doesn't make sense. Why not we can add more than apps as we want. The color of the dock is a bit silly, Apple should allow us to color the dock however we like. Making it transparent or black or whatever we like.

How to watch WWDC 2019

You can watch Apple's 2019 via Apple's official page as it live stream the video.

What do you expect from Apple's WWDC 2019 event ?


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