Thursday, August 15, 2019

Dark Mode could be coming to Facebook

Dark Mode has been a very wanted feature for many users as it comfort the eyes especially at night times and it also gives a gorgeous look to the design of the apps. Earlier this year, Facebook brought dark mode to Messenger app while promising it will be bringing the dark mode to the main app. Thankfully, computer science student Jane Manchun Wong has been able to unearth a screenshot showing off the upcoming feature.

The developer spotted a darkened user interface in a beta version of the mobile Facebook app for Android, According to her blog post:
   I came across this unreleased Dark Mode in Facebook’s mobile app for Android by looking into the code underneath, which indicates Facebook has recently started implementing the long-awaited Dark Mode into their mobile app.
Currently, Dark Mode in Facebook’s app is half-finished and clearly needs more work
 This Dark Mode appears to be in an early stage of development, understandably. For now, only certain parts of the app has been reworked to support the Dark Mode. For example, dark text displaying on a dark background, vice versa.
Facebook’s public beta testing program is limited to Android devices — that’s why the vast majority of Jane’s discoveries were made by sifting through the Android beta version — but you can bet that Dark Mode is coming to the iPhone edition of the mobile Facebook app, too!

The main question that you may ask now is when are we going to see this dark mode interface in the main Facebook app?  I’d say that Facebook will release this feature after the iOS 13 update drops because iOS 13 includes a system-wide Dark Mode and an appropriate API for developers to create darkened user interfaces in their apps.

Are you looking forward to using Facebook’s Dark Mode when it launches?



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